London by Michael Flatt

A Few Words on Studying Abroad…

Studying abroad in London, England was the single best decision I made while in college. When I initially decided to study abroad for a semester, I was unsure of what city to apply for on my application. While many students want to learn a new language, I was a business major who found studying abroad appealing because I would have the opportunity to learn about business from an international perspective. After reviewing the cities listed on San Diego State University's study abroad website, I found London to be the most attractive desination for many reasons.

London is the capital of the UK and is one of the oldest and most influential European cities. It offers the big city feel (minus the skyscrapers) with numerous parks, interesting museums, and great theatre to attend, as well as street performers to catch your eye on the weekends. Don't worry, those who enjoy a good nightlife will find London to their liking as well. With easy access to these activities via the underground transport system (the "Tube"), you will be amazed at what London can do for you.

Studying abroad provided me with memories and new friends that will last a lifetime and it showed me I could survive, or rather thrive, independently in a foreign environment. It wasn't always easy, but when the experience concluded I was amazed at how much I learned about myself and the global world around me in such a short time. I hope this website will motivate you to take the leap across the pond.

~ Michael