London by Michael Flatt

London Weather

I was in London from mid-January until the end of May. The best way to describe the weather is unpredictable. There were times in the middle of winter when it was warm and sunny outside and then times in May when the sky was dull and gray. Also, the seasons change gradually; winter can still appear to be hanging on when we should be well into spring.

It is not uncommon to see someone carrying both their sunglasses and umbrella at the same time. Although rain is common, it was usually only light precipitation and I did not find it to be nearly as annoying as it’s stereotyped to be here. Snow is extremely rare in London, but of course on February 1st it snowed more than it had in the previous 18 years! Our first day of classes instead became a snow day. Wikipedia even has its own Reaction page dedicated to the snowfall.


Throughout my time in London, temperatures typically ranged from 8°C to 20°C (46°F to 68°F). I am used to wearing shorts all the time in San Diego but in London I could only wear shorts some days in May. With that said, one good thing is there is not a lot of humidity. The winter is quite chilly though, and I recommend packing clothes that can easily be layered. If you don’t want to pack everything then you can buy some clothing from a place like Primark on Oxford Street. I suggest you bring (or buy) several warm sweaters, one or two sweatshirts and zip up hoodies, and one winter coat or waterproof jacket (e.g., North Face). Also, bring a good pair of waterproof walking shoes – you’ll need them. There is one last thing you should remember: in general, students dress nicer while attending classes (so guys bring a tie, you may need one for presentations).

For real-time London weather information, visit here.

What to Wear

January: Winter coat, gloves, scarves, and beanies
February: Winter coats, gloves, scarves, and beanies
March: Sweater and jeans with a winter jacket
April: Warming up but still unable to wear shorts, more rain than March…T-shirt with jeans and a light jacket
May: Generally much better weather… you can wear shorts and a T-shirt some days, but still be prepared for rain!

PS- Don’t forget your umbrella, mate…