London by Michael Flatt

Why London?

If you’re reading this page you are most likely a business major and interested in studying abroad…

If this is true, there is no better way to enhance the value of your business degree than to have international business exposure in a city that was recently named by New York Magazine “the global capital of the 21st Century.”

 Founded by the Romans, London’s population of 7.5 million makes it the largest city in Europe. Traveling is a natural part of everyone’s lifestyle and most people commute into the city everyday. In San Diego the only way of getting around is by car, but in contrast London has great public transportation. The Tube is the oldest transit system in the world and is the fastest and most efficient way to get around the city. When the Tube closes at midnight every night, the night buses are a great alternative (slower, but cheaper).

Another plus for London is that it has a diverse population with a large number of immigrants. The Chinese and Indian cultures have a significant impact on the city, particularly in its cuisine. Whether I was eating crispy pork in Chinatown or tasting curry in an Indian restaurant, the impact was noticeable (hint: great food!).

Although London is a bona fide metropolis, it still maintains a small town atmosphere with its many niches. I found the people to be friendly, helpful, and inquisitive, especially since I spoke fluent English but was clearly not British. It’s amazing how much there is to do in the city itself; no other city in Europe kept me busy like London. It literally has something for everyone, with theatre, museums, sports venues, and comedy clubs to name a few.

London is not only a great place to live, but its central location allows students to explore other areas of the United Kingdom and travel throughout mainland Europe. The Guinness Factory in Dublin and the scenic highlands of Scotland are only a short trip away, while Paris is a mere two hour train ride under the English Channel.

Having just hosted the 2012 Summer Olympics (edit: boy how time flies!), London is an exciting place to be right now!